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Download Chief Keef - Run Up [New Song]

Foriegn Jamz: Chief Keef - Run Up

Chief Keef prepares his forthcoming mixtape "Leek 4" with "Run Up."

Chief Keef just dropped Leek 3, however he's as of now preparing for the fourth portion of the Leek arrangement, not one of his better known mixtape establishments.
In the wake of dropping two tracks in the most recent two weeks - "Redbull" and "Dishonest" - Sosa comes back with "Run Up."

Working with a conceivably unmixed beat, Keef channels his internal Ty Dolla $ign, as he raps "She would prefer not to be spared" then includes that "he" wouldn't like to be spared either, and that you gotta get close so you can shoot him in the face.

Listen to "Run Up" and watch out for Leek 4.