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VIDEO PREMIERE: Olu Akande - Overflowing Joy

[MUSIC PREMIERE + VIDEO] Olu Akande - Overflowing Joy

At this time of great revelation, pro gospel music artiste Olu Akande thinks of this powerful acclaim gift single titled 'Overpowering Joy' which he conveyed in a sound and video conservative.

As indicated by the Nigerian-US based gospel serve; "He has been executed for the good of we and along these lines, has topped us off with Joy Overwhelming".

The Psalmist stated:
"I will sing of the Lord 's extraordinary love perpetually; with my mouth, I will make your reliability known through all ages." - Psalm 89:1 NIV 
"They cheer in your name throughout the day; they praise your uprightness." - Psalm 89:16 NIV 
Going further, the commendation machine releases his vocal and songwriting ability as he amplifies the Most High.

He further declared:
"I found some time back that to gangs our assets and quality we have to feel the delight of His essence. We need to stick on the delight of our salvation who is Jesus to be glad consistently." 

Get this spirit-lifting recognition tune created by Phat-E and outwardly coordinated by Davids Oluyinka of "Ifocus pictures".

Connect With Akande:
Twitter/Instagram: @Jitayomusic
Facebook: Olu Akande



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